Star Frequency – The home of music.


In 2016, Star Frequency was formed and is based in the UK. Our ambition is to let artist focus on the music, while we focus on branding, marketing, promotion and exposure.
Our company success and focus is on reaching to the top of the charts, hitting millions of views on you tube and winning grammy awards.


Our on going aim is to get artist noticed and most importantly getting the right audience for the artist.
When it comes to the Artist we have already featured some of the greatest artist such as MC Fizzy, Lady Leshurr, Bushkin,Thunda Banton, Mighty Mo, Gracious K, Major Ace and may more.


Even though we like to have known artist, we also do look out for fresh and new up and coming artist.
The CEO and Owners of Star Frequency are Dean Blair and Marlon McCook.